“I’ll enlist in the military on my own”… Lyrics of BTS Suga’s self-composed song appeared in the parliamentary audit

The confrontation over BTS’s military service issue continued to be brought up in the parliamentary audit.

“Our military service resources are decreasing, and the most important thing is fairness and equity,” said Lee Ki-sik, head of the Military Manpower Administration at the National Defense Commission’s parliamentary audit on Oct 7th.


Earlier, during the parliamentary audit of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee on Oct 5th, Rep. Lee Yong-ho of the People’s Power said, “Aren’t we being too passive about the BTS military service issue?” When asked to actively review the military service issue, Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister Park Bo-kyun said, “BTS’ military service issue has long been in the position of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism,” adding, “First, national defense is a sacred duty and military service is a symbol of fairness.”

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At the time, Minister Park Bo-kyun said, “Five polls have been conducted to analyze public opinion and checking recent columns, including how BTS has promoted Korea as the vanguard of K-culture and stimulated a huge economic impact, the equity issues between popular and pure artists, the so-called performing issues when one of BTS 7 members goes to the military, and the consciousness of men in their 20s.”


In particular, Minister Park Bo-kyun said, “The final conclusion is that BTS oldest member Jin’s military issue is coming in December, so we will confirm our position as soon as possible.”

However, in the National Defense Commission’s parliamentary audit of the Military Manpower Administration, lawmakers of the ruling and opposition parties disagreed over the military service issue of BTS.


Based on the influence of BTS on the world, Rep. Seol Hoon of the Democratic Party of Korea pointed out, “We need to think of them as a national treasure and make use of that fame,” adding, “Do you really want to send BTS to the military and dividing them?”

On the other hand, Rep. Han Ki-ho, a member of the People’s Power, showed the lyrics of the song by BTS member Suga, which goes “We will get enlisted when the time comes, so shut up, the XX who tried to sell our names and put spoons on it.” “They are saying that ‘We will do our national duty, you guys stop arguing”. Since we keep talking about this, they made a song (to answer). Why are we talking about this so much? They said they would go to the army,” he claimed.

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He criticized, “This itself can lead to contradictions that divide our society, benefit certain people, and benefit those who are already benefited even more.”


In addition, Rep. Lim Byung-hun, a member of the People’s Power, said, “Isn’t this decision the most important, whether to prioritize the economic ripple effect or national prestige of BTS or to promote fairness and equity in our society by requiring BTS perform their military duty? I think we should decide within this year without dragging out the timing.” He also demanded that the Military Manpower Administration actively take a look to solve this.

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