A celebrity who appeared in Hannam-dong wearing masks… “Take pictures with anyone who recognizes him”

In our daily life, we sometimes encounter famous celebrities.

Celebrities take pictures with people and show extraordinary fan service.

In May, A, a woman working at a cafe in Seoul, revealed Lee Jin-wook‘s beautiful story through her Instagram account.

At that time, A told Lee Jin-wook, who visited the cafe, that she was his fan.

lee jin wook

Lee Jin-wook first suggested, “Shall we take a picture?” They then affectionately stood closer together to take a two-shot.

There is one more famous star who gave fans unforgettable memories like this.

He is G-Dragon, the leader of the world-renowned K-pop group Big Bang.

A photo that captured G-Dragon in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul recently is a hot topic online.

In the picture, G-Dragon was riding a motorcycle while wearing a black T-shirt, jeans and red shoes.

He wore sunglasses and a mask, but he could not hide his handsome visuals.

Netizen B also shared a photo taken with G-Dragon.

When asked how she met G-Dragon, B replied, “I went to buy clothes and suddenly met G-Dragon. I’m so happy.”

Earlier, G-Dragon took pictures with AfreecaTV’s BJs, drawing much attention.

People showed enthusiastic reactions such as “G-Dragon said he’d take pictures with anyone who recognizes him”, “Amazing fan service”…

Source: insight

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