BTS’ Jin is rumoured to be from a very powerful family by K-netizens

There is this funny rumour of BTS’ oldest member, Jin, being the youngest of a family with a Miss-Korea mom and a CEO dad.

In addition, Seokjin has never revealed anything about his family before, and compared to other members’, his past has remained hidden.
This unpopular rumour was shared by a Japanese magazine’s staff, who heard it from an interview.

The truth of BTS’ “fake maknae” not many fans know.
The truth of BTS’ “fake maknae” not many fans know.

He said he was not good at Math and got only a two for a Math test before entering Big Hit, but he was also the one who came over Konkuk University 2000:1 and Sejong University 157:1 competition rate. (Konkuk and Sejong are very prestigious universities in Korea)

I also heard that Seokjin’s brother, who majors in architecture, was a student president and even had his own fanclub for being too handsome. Definitely our director Kim!

Sources: Pann

[+172, -1] Whenever I look at him, I can see that he came from a good background, but it was hidden very well. Not until recently, even a fan like me knew about this. He never takes advantage of being the oldest in the group, and he stated this in the show “Burn the stage”. Even though he said pride was the most unnecessary thing, it seems like he really has lived that life.
[+171, -2] This is crazy. I knew about his dad being the CEO thing, but his mom was Miss Korea? And both of them are good-looking? Well, there should be a reason for that handsome face of his.
[+118, -2] A very humble person, he is just too beautiful.
[+89, -0] He said he wanted to become someone like his dad. When somebody asked him, “What did you do during your vacation?”, he said he went on a date with his mom, and when he was asked, “What do you want to do during your vacation?”, he said he wanted to go fishing with his dad and go to his uncle’s strawberry farm to pick strawberries kkkk. He is the person who knows how to give love because he has received so much love.
[+81, -0] Words in the photo:
Kim Seok Jin’s weird point:
He never says anything about his house.
He studied well but never says anything about it.
He is very handsome but never brags about it.
He is very mischievous, but also very mature.
He is not greedy, but very ambitious.
He is a strategist.
He unexpectedly never hesitates to do something
He is very reliable, but also makes people want to protect him.)

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