BLACKPINK’s Contract Renewal Expected To Have Good Effect On Junior Group BABYMONSTER

YG’s new girl group BABYMONSTER can also benefit from BLACKPINK’s successful contract renewal

On December 6th, YG Entertainment announced that they had completed the resolution by the board of directors regarding the renewal of exclusive contracts for the four members of BLACKPINK.

Hana Securities analyst Lee Ki-hoon said, “Their individual contracts are still undecided, but the positive news is that their activities as a whole group have been guaranteed”, adding “From the perspective of YG, the renewal of contracts of their legacy IP (intellectual property) BLACKPINK was very important. This will create a good environment for BABYMONSTER to grow over the next few years.”

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YG’s new girl group BABYMONSTER made their debut on November 27th and their music video recorded 22.59 million views within 24 hours, marking the highest number of views in history for a debut song.

Daeshin Securities analyst Lim Soo-jin believed that BLACKPINK’s contract renewal is expected to have more positive effects rather than just increasing YG’s stock performance. As BLACKPINK’s fandom continues to expand, it is believed that BABYMONSTER and rookie groups that YG will debut in the future will be able to enjoy a trickle-down effect.


Regarding the exclusive contract for each member of BLACKPINK, analyst Lim predicted, “A significant part has been reflected in the stock price. There is a high likely that the stock price will continue to soar if at least two or more members announce their renewal of individual contracts.”

Source: Daum

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