BLACKPINK’s Jisoo updates fans with plans of her solo at recent fansign

Jisoo’s solo is finally coming soon, as revealed by the idol herself. 

BLACKPINK recently had a fan signing event held in Seoul, as part of the promotion for their second full album “Born Pink”. The members had time talking and interacting with fans after a long hiatus from group activities without a domestic fansign. In particular, at the fansign, Jisoo provided fans with an update on her upcoming solo.

Specifically, a fan expressed their wish to see Jisoo release a solo album and attend her fansigns before they graduate. Hearing this, Jisoo indirectly confirmed her solo is under preparation and will come out soon. She told the fan, “I will do it as quickly as possible. Just wait a little bit more.”

Another fan also asked Jisoo to give a spoiler about her long-awaited solo. However, a staff member stopped Jisoo before she could even reveal anything. During this fansign, Jisoo also teased that something BLINKs would very much enjoy is happening next week, and suggested that fans attend BLACKPINK’s upcoming concert to find out. Many fans are guessing that it could be related to Jisoo’s solo. 

Not only working hard for the last 6 years as a member of BLACKPINK, Jisoo has also been active in fashion as an ambassador for many world-famous brands. She also made headlines with her first lead role in the drama “Snowdrop” not long ago. But for a long time, fans have always looked forward to Jisoo’s solo debut as a singer like the rest of BLACKPINK. Hopefully, fans won’t have to wait too long until YG drops a notice about Jisoo’s first solo album. 

Source: koreaboo

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