BLACKPINK’s Jennie Shares First Update Post-Breakup with BTS’s V, Netizens Express Regret 

The V-Jennie breakup news dropped right after BLACKPINK renewed their contract, causing a stir 

December 6th, 2023 is a day that BLACKPINK fans won’t be forgetting anytime soon. It started with the long-awaited report of BLACKPINK’s contract renewal with YG, and later in the day, Korean media revealed that Jennie and V had broken up after nearly two years of dating. 

In the midst of all this breakup buzz, Jennie went online on Instagram. On her story, she shared Asia Chow’s new song, captioning it with “Happy for you.” Asia Chow is friends with BLACKPINK members, and Rosé also showed her support through Instagram. 

Blackpink jennie happy for you

Jennie seems to be handling all the attention quite gracefully. After coming back from England, she’s been spending time hanging out with friends, taking a break, and sharing some gorgeous pics on Instagram. 

The breakup news dropped on the same day as BLACKPINK’s contract renewal, turning Jennie into the hottest topic on every platform.

Korean netizens are expressing regret about the Jennie-V split, especially with V about to start his military service on December 11:

  • It’s a shame. They look so good together 
  • Do you think they’ll get back together after V’s done with his military service?
  • V, fulfill your military duty well, and I hope Jennie finds happiness too…
  • Some pathetic fans are still holding out hope that they never actually dated.
  • It’s only natural if they break up because he’s about to be gone for 2 years 
  • Right after Jennie renewed with YG, the breakup news broke. Her fans must be happy, huh?
  • I was really rooting for them to go all the way to marriage, what a bummer.
  • Jennie’s an independent, strong woman, but waiting for two years is probably a bit much for her.
  • Jennie, you’ve been through a lot

Source: K14

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