Netizens Skeptical about Breakup News of BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie Due to This Evidence

Did BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V actually call it quits?

On December 6, JTBC exclusively reported that Jennie and V have decided to end their romantic relationship. However, on online communities and social media, netizens are expressing their doubts about this breakup news because dating proofs of the two still surfaced recently. 

On December 1, netizens were stirred up with evidence of Jennie having a meal at V’s place. Particularly, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the dining table in a photo Jennie posted on November 29 looked identical to the one at V’s house.

And that’s not all – both Jennie and V were supposedly in London, England around the end of November. This info has netizens speculating that the two idols spent some quality time together overseas before V’s military enlistment this December.

But of course, not everyone’s buying this evidence. Some fans say Jennie’s photo was actually taken at a restaurant in London. Plus, sightings of Jennie and V in London were on different dates. Jennie returned to Korea on November 23 after a state banquet at Buckingham Palace, while V took a flight to London on November 27.

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Back in October, a rumor surfaced that V visited Jennie’s house after attending Harry Styles’ concert in Seoul. Apparently, the stone wall of Jennie’s neighborhood looks similar to the wall in a photo V shared on Instagram.

Also, in V’s post, netizens noticed that his outfit looks like what he wore to Harry Styles’ concert. Connecting the dots, netizens started speculating that V visited Jennie’s house for a date right after Harry Styles’ concert.

On May 17, fans were sent into a frenzy by a video of Jennie and V holding hands and strolling the streets of Paris. This reignited the dating rumors, sparking lively discussions. Their reps, when asked about the viral video, said, “We also don’t know because it’s the artist’s private life.”

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V and Jennie’s dating rumor started in May last year, with a photo allegedly showing V driving Jennie around on a date on Jeju Island. After that, multiple leaked photos allegedly of V and Jennie on their dates spread like wildfire on social media, leaving many netizens convinced that they were indeed a thing.

Source: K14

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