News of BLACKPINK’s Renewal and V-Jennie Split Out on the Same Day, Different Situation From Jisoo’s Breakup 

Exclusive reports from the Korean media reveal that BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie have called it quits

On December 6, JTBC News dropped an article with the headline: “V and Jennie Split Before Military Service: Relationship Comes to an End.According to insiders in the entertainment industry, V and Jennie decided to officially end their relationship right after BLACKPINK renewed their contract with YG for group activities. Meanwhile, V is preparing for his enlistment in mid-December.

Blackpink jennie

JTBC News reported that V and Jennie had happy moments during their time together, as shown in their leaked date photos. They also highlighted how Jennie once invited V to a private listening party for BLACKPINK’s full album, BORN PINK.

Interestingly, news of V and Jennie parting ways came on the same day YG confirmed BLACKPINK’s contract renewal, sparking some raised eyebrows and suspicions among netizens about this “weird” timing.

The V-Jennie breakup differs from Jisoo and actor Ahn Bo Hyun’s situation, as neither Big Hit, YG, nor the two idols themselves ever confirmed their relationship in the first place. 

jisoo ahn bo hyun

This coincidence has led to speculations that it might be a strategic move setting the stage for BLACKPINK’s comeback. YG had earlier teased big plans for BLACKPINK, including a new album and a large-scale world tour.

Source: K14

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