Kwon Da-mi reveals that G-Dragon’s newborn nephew resembles uncle G-Dragon

Kwon Da-mi, Big Bang G-Dragon’s older sister, said that her son looks like his uncle G-Dragon.

On February 11th, Kwon Da-mi posted a photo on her Instagram Story. The released photo showed the couple Kwon Da-mi – Kim Min-joon’s son Eden, who was born on February 4th. We can see Eden’s cuteness by looking at his hands that look so much smaller than that of an adult.

“Yesterday, his face looked like his uncle’s”, Kwon Da-mi said that her son sometimes resembles his uncle G-Dragon. She added, “Today, his face looks like his father’s”, revealing that Eden also looks like Kim Min-joon.


Then, Kwon Da-mi expressed her affection for her son, saying, “It’s interesting to see my baby’s face looks a little different every day”

Meanwhile, Kwon Da-mi married Kim Min-joon in 2019. Announcing her pregnancy in November last year, she said, “We will meet our baby in two months”.  After that, Eden was born healthily on February 4th and he weighs 3050g.

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