Male singer charged with sexual assault of employee receives a fine of KRW3 million 

Male singer charged with sexual assault receives a KRW3-million fine and 40 hours of sexual education.

On August 2, a Korean news source reported that a male singer (called A) was charged with sexually assaulting an employee of his company. A was ordered to pay a fine of 3 million won along with 40 hours of sexual education. A’s identity is to be kept anonymous in accordance with the judge’s order.

A source reveals that A went with his company’s staff to an underground karaoke room four years ago. The victim accused A of forcing them into sitting close to and kissing him. When the victim refused, A got angry and punched them and grabbed them by the waist. 

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After the incident, A could not reach an agreement with the victim, but he deposited 10 million won into that employee’s account, nonetheless.

A debuted in 2000 as a singer. Apart from his music career, A also worked as a news reporter bu later turned to business and garnered considerable success. A brought in a revenue of 60 billion won last year alone. 

A has a successful business and gains a whopping 60 billion won in revenue in 2022 

Source: joongAng ilbo

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