All 4 girls gathered together, BLACKPINK unveiled first joint teaser video for PINK VENOM

BLACKPINK showed off their beautiful and unconventional visuals in the new visual film.

On August 15th, Blackpink unveiled the complete visual film of the 2nd regular album ‘Pink Venom’ through the official SNS. The members who stood in the broken glass cage radiated their presence with their dignified figures and intense eyes.

Beautiful and fatal contrasting images of ‘Pink’ and ‘Venom’ were expressed. In addition, it harmonized with the breathtakingly tense BGM sound, raising fans’ curiosity about the message contained in the new song.

Global fans are paying great attention to BLACKPINK. All pre-released individual member intro videos instantly took the top spot in YouTube Worldwide Trends. Although they are only short teaser videos with a length of about 14 to 17 seconds, they have garnered as many views as any other artist’s music video, proving BLACKPINK’s amazing impact.


YG explained, “The new song ‘Pink Venom’, which will be released on August 19th, is a song that expresses Blackpink’s unique charm more deeply and strongly.”

TEDDY, who has been responsible for the main production of all the songs released since BLACKPINK’s debut, also participated in writing and composing the lyrics this time. Besides, YG’s strongest producer team also contributed to this album.


After the release of ‘Pink Venom’, Blackpink will release their 2nd full-length album ‘BORN PINK’ on September 16. Then, they will go on a large-scale world tour.

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