Han Ye-seul Mentions YouTuber Kim Yong-ho, “I Couldn’t Tolerate His Malicious Words And Behaviors Anymore”

Actress Han Ye-seul mentioned her lawsuit against Kim Yong-ho

On December 8th, Han Ye-seul uploaded on her YouTube channel a video titled “Long Time No See!”.

While talking about her whereabouts in the US, Han Ye-seul mentioned Kim Yong-ho. Confessing her stress during the trial, she said, “To be honest, I knew he could have turned around and started a new life so I felt sorry and pity for him that he had lost that opportunity”.

han ye seul

She continued, “Trials and lawsuits are not easy. I thought it was going to be very tiring but this chapter just ended. It was the end of all the lawsuits and trials because the subject no longer existed.”

Han Ye-seul confessed, “Rather than my fear, this person’s actions were so evil that I couldn’t tolerate them anymore. How could such malicious remarks and behaviors be allowed in society?”.

She added, “It didn’t affect me as fatally as people might have thought, but I was very concerned about my boyfriend. I took him to the US because I was worried that there would be internal bleeding if he stayed in Korea”.

Han Ye-seul introduced her boyfriend, who is 10 years younger than her, in 2021. Kim Yong-ho then accused Han Ye-seul’s boyfriend of being involved in prostitution and claimed that Han Ye-seul was the actress in the Burning Sun Scandal who took drugs.

In addition, the YouTuber also raised various suspicions related to the actress, such as evasion of car taxes and her boyfriend’s illegal employment.

In response, Han Ye-seul explained that her boyfriend was a theater actor and he worked at a karaoke. She sued Kim Yong-ho for defamation and insults, clarifying that the claim about her being a drug-related actress was false. However, the lawsuit was closed without an indictment because Kim Yong-ho died. 

Source: Daum

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