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Viewers show explosive responses to the scene where Lee Kwang Soo accidentally revealed his underwear on “Korea No.1” 

“Korea No.1”, starring Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo, and Kim Yeon Kyung, is giving viewers big laughs. 

In July, Netflix released a still cut showing Yoo Jae Suk standing in the middle of Kim Yeon Kyung and Lee Kwang Soo and announced the production of the new entertainment program “Korea No.1”.

Korea No.1

In this show, the three, who make viewers laugh just by looking at them, meet Korean craftsmen who continue Korean traditions throughout the country and gain valuable experiences by challenging doing the crafts in person. The program was finally revealed on November 25th.

Sweating a lot while taking challenges, Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Yeon Kyung, and Lee Kwang Soo found out that keeping the tradition is not an easy task. In particular, their third experience at Sinan’s tidal flats gave viewers pleasant moments.

Korea No.1

“Tidal flats” is known as one of the three most tiring experiences on variety shows along with “hiking” and “fishing”, and it always makes viewers laugh hard. The synergy between “variety show cheat key” Lee Kwang Soo and the tidal flats is even more hilarious.

Korea No.1

It was Lee Kwang Soo’s pants, which kept falling down while he was trying to catch octopuses on the mudflats, that became the highlight of the episode. Due to this accident, Lee Kwang Soo accidentally revealed that he was wearing checkered pattern underwear. 

Kim Yeon Kyung and Yoo Jae Suk complained about Lee Kwang Soo, saying “Why do you keep taking your pants off?”, “Stop doing that stuff”, etc.

Korea No.1

When the three gathered at a restaurant after work, Kim Yeon Kyung said, “You knew your pants would fall down, so you chose your red check boxers, right?”. Yoo Jae Suk commented, “Your agency must have talked to you and decided on the underwear for you”, drawing laughter.

Korea No.1

Netflix also uploaded the video cut on its official channel, and netizens reacted enthusiastically, saying they laughed so hard because of Lee Kwang Soo’s funny scenes. 

Apart from the tidal flats, the three cast members of “Korea No.1” also tried various experiences, such as making traditional tiles in Jangheung, Jeollanam-do, fishing anchovy, traditional dyeing, making makgeolli, etc., to promote Korea’s traditions.

Source: Daum

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