“He is staring at me so hard,” Kang Min-kyung got a confession from a 5-year-old Hawaiian gentleman

Davichi Kang Min-kyung said she received an unexpected confession in Hawaii.

On Sep 2nd, Kang Min-yeok posted a video titled “Hawaii in 33 years” on her YouTube channel “Just Min-kyung.” In the released video, Kang Min-kyung visited Hawaii with her high school friends and had a great time.

Kang Min-kyung revisited the Italian restaurant she visited on the first day with her friends. She said, “The lemon basil cocktail sold here was so delicious that we are here again.”

Kang Min-kyung tasted the pasta, admired it, and talked with her friends. At this time, someone told Kang Min-kyung, “They think the girl with colorful flowers is so pretty.”

A little child was watching Kang Min-kyung, who was wearing a colorful flower-patterned dress.

Kang Min-kyung said, “A 5-year-old child stared at me so hard that I was quite embarrassed because I thought the reason was because we were too loud,” and smiled, adding, “I am praised by a 5-year-old.”

kang min kyung

Kang Min-kyung then responded sensibly by asking, “Please send a yogurt and a Zero Coke to the gentleman over there.”

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