BLACKPINK released their bold new sides in concerts overseas: Audacious images and alluring performances that broke the idol stereotype 

Fans were more than welcoming to this new side of BLACKPINK. 

As a globally renowned idol group, BLACKPINK is not afraid to break the stereotype and goes beyond the norms in their performances on overseas stages. With their touring schedules in the West, the BLACKPINK girls are showing brand new and bold aspects of themselves that cannot be found in Korea. 

At the start of their World Tour, BLACKPINK were more than open to try more fierce and sexy looks 

Jennie embraces her bold image  

Jennie is the most daring member in BLACKPINK that will not shy away from any sexy or revealing outfits, especially as the face of many Calvin Klein’s promotional campaigns. During her World Tour performances, the rapper is not hesitant to bring the sexiness on stage. 

Jennie’s highlight moments that sent the Internet into frenzy 

Recently, in the “BORN PINK” concert in Paris, Jennie dropped her overcoat during the “Typa Girl” stage and twerked in front of the  audience, an unexpected move that took every spectator by surprise. Previously, her ballet-inspired outfit for her solo stage “You&Me” was the talk of the town as it stepped out of the safe zone of K-pop standards and led a new trend of stage outfits. 

Blackpink Jennie
Blackpink Jennie
Jennie’s solo outfits grew in seductiveness at an exponential rate 

Jisoo broke out of her cocoon, Lisa and Rosé shocked the audience with their electrifying stage performances 

As BLACKPINK pushes for more activities in North America and Europe, Jisoo embraces her bolder side with fiery dance moves and attractive expressions on her “Liar” performance. Compared with the original performance by Camila Cabello in LA, Jisoo did not fall short but was exceeding set expectations, taking social media by storm. 

Jisoo and her diverse expressions unveiled hidden aspects on stage 

Lisa is well-known for her professionalism and eloquence of different dance types, with a notable example of pole dancing. Apart from her charismatic and powerful moves, Lisa’s solo pole dance routine was nothing short of femininity and elegance. 

Lisa performed her renowned pole dancing at Paris 
Blackpink Lisa
Her daring expressed itself through the moves 

In her “Hard to Love” stage, Rosé brought out her sensual side with a one-shoulder-off fur coat that revealed her captivating slinky dress. The singer’s sexy image was more subtle but no less seductive. 

Blackpink Rose
Blackpink Rose
Rosé knew how to make herself stand out with subtle details 

BLACKPINK and the difference in joining award shows in the US versus Korea

Six years in the industry but BLACKPINK only attended year-end award shows in Korea for a few times. In 2022, the group was present at the VMAs with top global stars. 

BLACKPINK in Korea is more reserved due to many strict award show etiquettes and image curation. Therefore, it won’t be easy to find their groovy or laid-back images there. On the contrary, at the VMAs, the girls are more than happy to dance along to the music and stages of performing artists. 

Source: k14

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