Fans were shocked with Kai (EXO) ‘s new magazine photos: showing off waist with acroptop, and also wearing a short skirt

Recently, fans have continuously handed over a series of pictures of “dancing machine” Kai (EXO) on the Korean Esquire magazine’s October edition in celebration for their 25th anniversary. Different from the usual romantic look, in this photo set, the male idol of EXO brought a very different image. At first glance, Kai was extremly handsome with sexy tangled hair and simple outfits that still showed off his admirable body proportions. However, the confusing detail is his super short outfit, and the very confusing posing of the male idol. In one photo, Kai also wore a croptop to show off a part of his waist. Even many fans have admitted that it is really difficult to understand his new style.

Kai (EXO) appeared on the latest issue of Korean Esquire magazine. Some fans believe that Kai was a bit feminine because of the outfit and bag.
Kai shocked fans with a rather confusing pose next to the car. From his croptop, black nails to his sexy eyes, red lips. No matter how you look, this combination is too wrong!
If not to mention the strange pose to show off the waist, this outfit still enhanced Kai’s perfect body proportions, especially the male idol’s long legs.
At this corner, fans were shocked to think that Kai was wearing a skirt. Some fans said that this was unisex style, so the pose like this was quite easy to understand
In the other images of this set of photos, Kai looked like a disco movie star from the 1970s.
This is really EXO’s cool “dancing machine”!
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