BLACKPINK members are recognized as composers

3 out of 4 members of BLACKPINK have been officially recognized as composers.

In the latest comeback of BLACKPINK, the group released the MV of the title song Lovesick Girls and the first full album in their career called THE ALBUM.  Specially, Jisoo and Jennie also appeared in the credits of Lovesick Girls. The two members of BLACKPINK has participated in composing process of this song.

Recently, the BLINK community (BLACKPINK’s fandom) is extremely proud when the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) has officially announced the credit for the song Lovesick Girls. 

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Specifically, as announced by KOMCA, Jennie has debut as a composer and lyricist, while Jisoo wrote of the lyrics for this song.

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Jennie and Jisoo’s new roles initially proves that girls are qualified to produce music, instead of just singing and dancing.  It also breaks the stereotype that the band depends solely on Teddy.

Rosé, after her solo debut, has also been recognized as a songwriter.  Both songs On The Ground and Gone clearly show the musical personality of the main vocal of BLACKPINK.

Thus, 3 out of 4 BLACKPINK members have debuted as composers.  In the near future, with Lisa’s solo debut, the female idol may also participate in the production process.

Source: K14

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