Another absurd behavior of HOOK’s CEO Kwon Jin Young has been reported

CEO Kwon claimed that she received proxy prescriptions because she had difficulties with moving but was seen going on overseas trips at the same time.

Regarding the recent suspicions of “prescriptions by proxy”, HOOK Entertainment explained, CEO Kwon suffered from severe hemiplegia due to cerebral infarction, and was in the state that movements were so uncomfortable that she had to get help from assistants even in her daily life”. However, it was recently confirmed that CEO Kwon attended all personal events, including acquaintances’ weddings, birthday parties, and overseas trips, while her employees visited the hospital to get prescriptions for her.

Kwon Jin-young

According to a report by SBS Entertainment News on December 8th, HOOK employees were ordered to visit the hospital on behalf of CEO Kwon and bought prescribed medicines for her.

It was from June 2020 to 2022. HOOK employees were ordered to receive prescriptions for CEO Kwon’s chronic disease from the hospital, buy medicines at the pharmacies, and delivered them to the CEO. This process has been repeated more than 30 times over the past two years. All the medicines were paid with HOOK’s corporate credit card. It was also revealed that psychotropic medications, which have been restricted for prescriptions by proxy since November last year, were found among the medicines delivered to CEO Kwon.

Kwon Jin-young

After the report was released, HOOK immediately issued an official statement, saying “She received non-face-to-face prescriptions in accordance with the law and procedures”, emphasizing that there were no problems with the prescribed medicines.

Revealing that CEO Kwon was diagnosed with cerebral infarction in 2015 and suffered inconvenience in moving that she could only walk with the help of assistants, HOOK claimed that she is still receiving treatment. In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, the scope of proxy prescription recipients has expanded since February 2020, making it possible for employees to receive prescriptions instead of the CEO. The agency added it was legal for sleeping pills to be prescribed in this case.

Kwon Jin-young

Regarding the report by SBS Entertainment News, HOOK said, “What they reported is not true at all, and this is clearly a serious defamation”. They also strongly announced their plan to take legal action against reporters and media outlets that reported the issues. 

Even if her prescription by proxy is not a violation of the Medical Law, it seems that CEO Kwon will still be criticized because she made her employees do personal work. 

According to Article 17-2 (2) of the Medical Law, receiving prescriptions by proxy is possible when the patient is unconscious or when the patient has the same injury/disease and can hardly control their actions/behaviors. If the patient receives the same prescriptions many times, guardians, such as family members, can receive it on their behalf to make it convenient for them.

Kwon Jin-young
CEO Kwon at the birthday party of a HOOK employee on June 19, 2020

In the case of “patient can hardly control their actions/behaviors”, it means physical behaviors are possible but social behaviors are difficult. For example, it refers to the case when the patient cannot visit the medical institution due to reasons, such as military service or mental illness. (Information provided by Seoul National University Hospital)

Even if the requirements for proxy prescriptions were temporarily loosened due to the Covid-19 situation, CEO Kwon has never been unconscious or had difficulties with her social behaviors over the past two years.

Kwon Jin-young
CEO Kwon attended her acquaintance’s wedding in May 2020

In June 2020, when it was confirmed that employees began receiving proxy prescriptions for her, she also attended a birthday party of a director belonging to HOOK, and visited an acquaintance’s wedding ceremony. She even left a photo of herself posing with a playful expression. In September of the same year, she also attended the opening ceremony of a restaurant, which was opened by her acquaintance, as their “first customer.”

Kwon Jin-young

However, CEO Kwon seems to have actually felt uncomfortable with her legs.

Kwon Jin-young

In January 2017, she had to rely on a cane during a three-day trip to Tokyo, Japan with her acquaintances. However, she seemed more relaxed on her summer vacation in Vietnam, which she left for in July.

Thanks to her improved health, she enjoyed a Christmas party with her acquaintances at the Yeongjongdo Hotel in Incheon the following year. She was even able to travel to Spain in early 2020.

Kwon Jin-young
CEO Kwon went to Spain with her friends in January 2020

CEO Kwon’s past daily life, which she claimed was “very uncomfortable to move around,” is recorded on the SNS of her acquaintances.

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HOOK Entertainment, led by CEO Kwon, has recently sparked controversy over allegations of embezzlement by management. Police has seized and searched HOOK’s office building in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul for five hours on Nov 10th.

Kwon Jin-young

The problem grew as Lee Seung Gi, who had been under HOOK Entertainment for 18 years, raised the issue of his unresolved music settlement. Lee Seung Gi’s side believed that Hook intentionally hid his music revenue, and decided to take legal steps. On Dec 1st, Lee’s exclusive contract with HOOK was terminated.

It has not been confirmed whether this is related to HOOK’s recent controversies, but actress Youn Yuh Jung, who was also under the same agency, recently left HOOK on Dec 5th.

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