BLACKPINK Jennie’s Dance Challenge Video Gained 20M Views

Jennie once again sets a dance trend with just one video

After returning from the UK, BLACKPINK Jennie made headlines despite no significant activities. Her images from the Love Your W event, information about BLACKPINK’s re-signing, and rumors about breaking up with V (BTS) have all propelled Jennie to the top of the search rankings. In particular, Jennie is causing a buzz, simply by participating in a dance challenge on her close friend’s TikTok channel.

The WOP Dance Challenge gained international traction on TikTok starting in August, but it wasn’t until Jennie joined that the dance challenge exploded in popularity. Recently, she unexpectedly appeared on Silvergun’s channel, a dancer from YGX, performing the WOP dance. Immediately, Silvergun’s video garnered over 20.2 million views and 1.2 million likes within a few days of being uploaded. The “Jennie-like Croaking Dance” claimed the #1 spot on Douyin’s (Chinese TikTok) challenge list.

Not only did she create a buzz with the entertaining dance, but Jennie’s camping outfit, including a padded vest, warm sweatpants, and glasses with a headband, also set a winter fashion trend.

The video originated from the Kwon Twins – the twin-brother dancers who are close friends of Jennie. The female rapper expressed her desire to join the trend with them and was immediately invited by Silvergun. Jennie also reuploaded the video to her Instagram, with over 82 million followers, sharing: “Cuter than Kwon Twins.”

Coming up, there are many revelations suggesting that Jennie will make a solo comeback with a full album after 5 years, and the biggest desire of fans is that she will establish her official TikTok account.

Source: K14

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