BLACKPINK Jennie said she missed BIGBANG Taeyang on Instagram 

BIGBANG member Taeyang, who recently made a solo comeback, received a congratulatory message from BLACKPINK Jennie. 

On January 13th, Taeyang released the music video for his new solo song “VIBE” (Feat. Jimin of BTS) and posted it onto his Instagram account with the caption, “TAEYANG – ‘VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)’ M/V Out Now! #VIBE #Vibe #TAEYANG #Taeyang #Jimin #Jimin #THEBLACKLABEL #The Black Label”.

Then, under the comment section, BLACKPINK Jennie wrote, “I missed you so much~~ ?” in a teasing tone. The female idol’s cute speaking manner can be seen, and her special friendship with Taeyang was also shown through the sun emoticon (Taeyang means “sun” in Korean). 

jennie blackpink instagram

In addition, Jennie’s use of the wave sign at the end of her comment seems to mimic Taeyang’s so-called “vibration” to fans at a past concert, where he said, “Everyone, I missed you so much~”

Taeyang Jimin

On the other hand, Taeyang left YG Entertainment, where he had been signed under for a long time, and moved to affiliate company The Black Label. The Black Label is an agency led by Teddy (44), a former member of the group 1TYM and a representative producer of YG Entertainment.

taeyang vibe

In his new solo song “VIBE”, Taeyang collaborated with BTS member Jimin. The meeting between Taeyang and Jimin was a hot topic around the world even before the official release of the some. Reflecting this, as soon as “VIBE” was dropped at 2:00 pm (KST) on January 13th, ‘it became the center of attention.

Source: Nate

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