BLACKPINK Jennie boasts solid body figure during Calvin Klein underwear shoot

On June 30th, Jennie uploaded a new video titled “Jennie for Calvin Klein vlog” on her Youtube channel “Jennierubyjane Official”.

black pink jennie

The video shows Jennie stopping by Calvin Klein pop-up store. She said, “So many people came to see the collaboration products”, then introduced Jennie’s Collection.

She commented, “I think I feel strongly attached to this campaign as I prepared it for a long time”, and showed the preparation process. The fitting for Calvin Klein campaign shoot where Jennie tried on all the outfits was done in LA. She said, “We check if there are any parts that need to be altered on the spot”.

black pink jennie

In addition, Jennie also presented her professional appearance at the campaign shoot. She said, “This is my first outfit. The shoot ended so quickly. I wanted to leave more but I’m off to the next outfit now!”.

Wearing a purple dress, Jennie shared, “I think I’ll wear this well in summer. I finally have something that fits my body”.

Trying on the third outfit, Jennie said, “Can you see the cute logo? I drew it”, then proceeded with a difficult shoot.

black pink jennie
black pink jennie

The fourth look was underwear. The staff showed their consideration for Jennie, saying “I’m not gonna look. Everyone is looking away”. Hearing that, Jennie shyly said, “Thank you. I once kept falling asleep while doing a shoot on bed”.

After the shoot, Jennie waved cutely at the camera, saying “I’ll say goodbye without my eyes today”.

Source: Nate

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