Big Bang fans sent a petition asking YG to kick Seungri out of the group

The serious scandals that have been continuously exposed recently have been too much for a part of Big Bang fans.

On March 9, a notice posted on DC Inside Big Bang Gallery made many people feel surprised. The announcement from a part of Korean V.I.P said: “Big Bang Gallery requires member Seungri to leave the group“.

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It seems that this is the consequence of a series of scandal that has been too relevant to Seungri that Korean media have been reporting for more than a month! The announcement from DC Inside confirmed Seungri‘s scandal seriously damaged the image of Big Bang and the management company. Besides, fans are also not hesitant to criticize Seungri‘s use of Big Bang‘s name for his personal business activities.

The statement from Big Bang Gallery also directly refers to Seungri‘s actions that they feel unforgivable, typically include the “chaotic” birthday party, prostitution brokerage and tax evasion, asking the junior to pour beer on the “Salty Tour”, calling fans to vote for a friend at “Miss Maxim 2018”, …. Many VIPs said that these actions show an immoral and corrupt lifestyle. Seungri‘s, while committing such acts, also showed the attitude of deceiving and belittling fans.

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The DC Inside Big Bang Gallery petition has created two contradictory opinions right within V.I.P community. A part of the fans strongly protested and said: “Who are the representatives that are willing to offer these kinds of requests?”, “Big Bang has been caught by many scandals so far, Seungri is not the first. You are not allowed to demand to kick him “… On the contrary, some fans agree with Big Bang Gallery’s proposal:” Big Bang has been in a lot of scandals but this time at a completely different level”, “Isn’t it obvious that him leaving this group is certain to happen? “, ….

As for Korean netizens, they think Seungri leaving the group is not the best solution for Big Bang and fans. Netizens still hold their ground in the past and affirm that there are only two possible solutions to the current situation: Either Taeyang (or perhaps Daesung) left the group or disbanded Big Bang.

source: tinnhac

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