Top 10 most disliked music videos of Kpop girl groups: TWICE and MOMOLAND appear twice

The ratio between the numbers of like and dislike on K-pop girl groups’ MV partly reflects the popularity and success of their comebacks.

YouTube has always been a platform where battles between K-pop idols and their fandoms take place. Every view, comment, like or dislike in every MV posted on Youtube is a measure of an idol’s success. Particularly, the following 10 MVs of girl groups have the highest numbers of dislike on YouTube.

1st place: Uh-ee (CRAYON POP)

Uh-ee is the comeback song of CRAYON POP released in March 2014. The song has a cheerful melody, which matches the signature concept of CRAYON POP. However, Uh-ee is still not catchy enough for the general public, not to mention its lyrics are difficult to absorb, causing it to be unpopular with the majority of listeners. To date, “Uh-ee’ MV has earned more than 16.4 million views; over 121.6 thousand likes and 15.6 thousand dislikes.  The like/dislike ratio is up to 88.63%.

2nd place: Bar Bar Bar (CRAYON POP)

Bar Bar Bar is the song that helped CRAYON POP shoot to fame. This is also considered the only hit in CRAYON POP’s career, because until their disbandment, apart from scandals, the only impression left by the girl group on the public is the image of 5 girls wearing helmets while dancing to the “up and down” choreography. 

When it was released in 2013, Bar Bar Bar attracted much attention but the number of dislikes also skyrocketed. The song’s MV achieved more than 68.5 million views; over 433.7 thousand likes and 56.7 thousand dislikes. The like/dislike ratio is 88.44%.

3rd place: Cha Cha (Rainbow Blaxx)

Released in January 2014, Cha Cha MV was criticized by many Korean netizens for its offensive scenes and overly seductive choreography. The MV of Rainbow Blaxx hit over 12.4 million views; recorded more than 48.7 thousand likes and 6.94 thousand dislikes. The like/dislike ratio is 87.53%.

4th place: Signal (TWICE)

Considered the “worst” title track in TWICE’s career, Signal received many mixed reactions from netizens. Due to “childish” sound and annoyingly repetitive chorus, Signal was TWICE’s second most disliked MV. Signal MV currently has more than 284 million views, over 2.58 million likes and 386.7 thousand dislikes. The like/dislike ratio is 86.97%.

5th place: Knock Knock (TWICE)

Before Signal, TWICE also suffered a huge number of dislikes on the MV for “Knock Knock”. After continuously releasing hits that sound quite similar, namely “Like Ooh-Ahh”, “Cheer Up”, and “TT”, the public was expecting a more exciting song from TWICE. However, Knock Knock could not live up to the expectations. Currently, the song’s MV has reached more than 292 million views; over 2.37 million likes and 355 thousand dislikes. The like/dislike ratio is 86.97%.

6th place: I’m So Hot (MOMOLAND)

I’m So Hot was released at a time when MOMOLAND was constantly entangled in many bad controversies. The song’s melody is said to be the same as the previous two hits, Bboom Bboom and BAAM. MV I’m So Hot brought MOMOLAND over 65 million views; has more than 1 million likes and more than 180 thousand dislikes. Like/dislike ratio is 85.7%.

7th place: Vibrato (Stellar)

Just like the case of Cha Cha, the song Vibrato was hated by many audiences because of its offensive scenes and costumes. The song’s MV brought Stellar more than 14.3 million views, with nearly 10 thousand likes and more than 27.5 thousand dislikes. Like/dislike ratio is 84.5%.

8th place: Banana ChaCha (MOMOLAND)

Another MOMOLAND product that also appears on this list is Banana ChaCha. At the time of its release, netizens were very angry because the Banana ChaCha MV was advertised too much on YouTube, the melody was like children’s music. The song’s MV brought in nearly 60 million views; more than 285.6 thousand likes and more than 61.7 thousand dislikes. Like/dislike ratio is 82.23%.

9th place: Lonely Christmas (CRAYON POP)

Perhaps CRAYON POP is the girl group with the most hated MVs in K-pop. Lonely Christmas was released 6 months after Bar Bar Bar. Lonely Christmas and CRAYON POP make netizens fed up with the familiar images of the group, still the helmets, the up and down choreography, the not-so-impressive melody. The song’s MV reached more than 13.7 million views; more than 67.4 thousand likes and more than 15 thousand dislikes. The like/dislike ratio is 81.7%.

10th place: Marionette (Stellar)

Stellar has always been criticized for constantly releasing MVs with overly sexy styles. Marionette is no exception. The song’s MV makes the audience uncomfortable with offensive footage. Marionette brought Stellar over 19.6 million views; more than 151.7 thousand likes and more than 49.4 thousand dislikes. Like/dislike ratio is 75.44%.

The amount of dislikes of the MVs also partly reflects the success of the idols’ comebacks. However, not every MV or song received a positive response from the audience.

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