The surf instructor, who was mentioned by Lucas’s ex-girlfriend, stood up to defend the male idol and gave advice to fans

This is the surf instructor that Lucas’s ex-girlfriend ‘D’ mentioned in the post on the morning of August 28

In recent days, NCT/WayV Lucas made headlines after being exposed by a series of ex-girlfriends/boyfriend. Lucas then sent a handwritten apology letter on August 25, stating that he would self-reflect and halt all activities. SM also admitted fault and apologized to the fans for the poor management. However, the issue did not appear to be over when another girl (temporarily known as D) emerged this morning (August 28) and accused Lucas of flirting with a surf instructor behind her back.

Specifically, D said that this female instructor was somehow bribed by SM’s Public Relations (PR) department to share a “whitewashing” post for Lucas, praising the male idol and calling him a “warm guy like sunshine”. D saw the screenshot of a conversation on Wechat posted by the female instructor and unexpectedly noticed the matching time.

The post by the surf instructor is as follows:

Realism is important, don’t live in a dream, don’t fantasize that idols have any different aura, everyone’s the same, it’s just that idols have different jobs. Everyone has the right to love others. After all, emotions are not something we can control. Personal feelings aside, it’s okay that you want your girlfriends to give you gifts, Lucas, just don’t take advantage of them liking you, casually wasting emotions, most importantly they’re your fans, you are the ultimate dream that defines the rest of their lives.

Working as his instructor while filming, we used to get to know each other. He is a very polite kid, loves nature, animals, dreams of working hard to earn money to buy a house for his parents. He was worried that fans wouldn’t like that his skin got tanned because of surfing. He also talked to and cared about his teammates when he had spare time, praised them for their efforts, and also took care of the director. He didn’t handle his personal relationships well and this has affected people around him. I’m not his fan, before filming I didn’t even know him.

But later I saw him on stage showing a lot of effort, bringing energy and joy to the public, and it turns out he is a scandalous idol. However, everything has two sides. I hope he can show better sides of himself in the future to make up for the fans.Humans always have various emotions and desires, I also believe that his feelings when he was talking to the fans were genuine, all the good stuff weren’t fake. So it is true that he will like other people. Love itself can be copied and pasted, emotions are inherently complicated and difficult to be controlled.

Hopefully every girl can learn to protect themselves and avoid being hurt. If you don’t set expectations, you won’t be disappointed. Unintentional people will never hurt you. It’s that in your mind there is an illusion, you are all pretty and brave. But in a relationship there is no distinction between what’s right and wrong, no pain that can’t be healed. What you have in the present is the best, all separation is to make room for your true love, also you always have to believe in true love.

This is also the girl who received Lucas’s flirty text message:

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