“War of nerves with viewers?”… “The Golden Spoon” deleted more than 100 photos of Yook Sung-jae

Recently, netizens on various online communities pointed out that supporting actor Son Woo-hyun appeared in the making videos and filming-site photos of “The Golden Spoon” more than the main actors.

yook sungjae the golden spoon

Although Son Woo-hyun’s character Jang Mun-ki does not account for a relatively high proportion of the drama, Son Woo-hyun’s high proportion in the making videos and photos posted on the official website caused a “discrimination controversy”.

When the controversy arose, a broadcasting official explained through OSEN, “The filming site’s atmosphere was amicable. Yook Sung-jae, Yeonwoo and Jung Chae-yeon are all idols, so they were used to filming promotional videos such as making films and were always cooperative.”

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Later, “The Golden Spoon” team revised the introduction of the controversial making video and hid all the behind-the-scenes photos of Son Woo Hyun on MBC’s official website.

However, in the process, a large number of photos, including individual/group cuts of leading actors, such as Lee Jong Won, Jung Chae Yeon, and Yeon Woo, and still images of major scenes in the drama were deleted, causing fans to question the reason.

the golden spoon

In particular, Internet users also claimed that more than 100 photos of the male lead Yook Sung Jae had also been deleted.

On the behind-the-scenes section of MBC’s official website, many photos of Yook Sung Jae as the main character and pictures including him have been deleted. The thumbnail has also been changed to a photo of supporting actors. 

The Golden Spoon

In response to this, netizens poured out criticism, saying “I think I know what they are dissatisfied with”, “The most intense war of nerves ever”, “Why are you doing this to Yook Sung Jae?”, “Why are you deleting those normal photos?”, etc.

“The Golden Spoon” tells the life adventure of a boy born into a poor family, who becomes an acquired golden spoon after changing his fate with a friend born in a wealthy family using a golden spoon he accidentally got. The drama is scheduled to end on November 12th. 

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