“Radio Star” Han Ga In, “I’m into Son Seok Gu these days. I watched his dramas without my husband Yeon Jung Hoon knowing”

Han Ga In revealed herself as a fan of actor Son Seok Gu.

Han Ga In, Jae Jae, Jung Eun Ji and Ahn Yu Jin guested on MBC’s “Radio Star”, which aired on January 11th. During the broadcast, Han Ga In mentioned actor Son Seok Gu.

While talking about her plan to appear on entertainment shows with her husband Yeon Jung Hoon, Han Ga In said, “I was worried a lot when my husband joined ‘2 Days & 1 Night’. His serious characteristic was interesting but I hope he could be funnier. I heard there were times when he couldn’t say a word.”

Jung Eun Ji drew attention when confessed a story of when she filmed “Reply 1997”. When Jae Jae confessed that she became a fan of Girls’ Generation during her hard time, Han Ga In reacted, “I was a fan, too. I really like Jun Ho so I listen to 2PM songs a lot. My kids can even sing along with me”. The actress continued, “I’m into Son Seok Gu these days. He’s amazing”.

Han Ga In continued, “I began to like him when he played a small role in ‘Mother’. I had a good feeling about him since then”. Ahn Young Mi commented, “You seem to like everyone except Yeon Jung Hoon”. Han Ga In responded, “I also liked Yeon Jung Hoon. That’s why I married him. Are you watching this? I love you”, drawing laughter.

The actress shared, “My husband doesn’t like me to watch programs with male casts”, adding “ I used to like watching a program called ‘Steel Troops’. One day, when we were eating, he asked me, ‘When did you begin to be interested in soldiers?’.”

Han Ga In said, “When I film a drama, I often talk about my co-star, and when I watch a drama, I will keep talking this and that about it”, adding “I watched Son Suk Gu’s dramas in secret. He (my husband) doesn’t like that style. So watched in the bathroom a little bit then came out quickly when my husband called”, making everyone laugh.

Source: Daum

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