Miyeon “I only saw marsh snails as a service at sushi restaurant”

Miyeon was surprised to hear that marsh snails were sold as a snack.

On the May 15th broadcast of MBC’s “Buddy Into the Wild”, Tony An, Moon Hee Joon, Brian and Jo Kwon headed to the island, while Andy and Miyeon appeared as back talkers.

Moon Hee Joon persuaded Tony An, Brian and Jo Kwon to move to the next island. Moon Hee Joon said “There are many stone sea squirts“, but there were no stone sea squirts in sight. After buying a lot of things and struggling to move, everyone said, “Let’s eat breakfast first.”

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The breakfast menu is the marsh snails caught the day before. Tony An and Moon Hee Joon said, “Let’s eat marsh snails simply for breakfast. It’s really simple. We just need to boil it.” Brian, who spent his childhood in the U.S., has never eaten marsh snails separately.

Tony An and Moon Hee Joon shared old memories, “They sold marsh snails in front of large parks or schools.” Boom and Ahn Jung Hwan sympathized. Andy also recalled, “I bought them in front of the school or amusement park, too.”

Miyeon revealed the generation gap by saying, “I’ve seen them sell pupa, but I’ve never seen them sell marsh snails before. I only saw them give it to me like a service when I went to a sushi restaurant. I’ve never touched it before.

Source: Daum

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