BLACKPINK’s visuals according to cosmetics experts: Lisa boasts a distinct Thai beauty, Rosé is reconsidered as an “English rose” 

Each BLACKPINK girl is assessed, by professionals, to bear unique features of a country in the world. 

BLACKPINK boasts gorgeousness and prestige. (Image: VOGUE)

As the visual of BLACKPINK, Jisoo’s face is her most precious asset. According to experts, the Dior Global Ambassador has a beauty that “no words can describe.” The singer’s facial features are almost up to standard with the golden ratio, which easily captivates the opposite person with harmonious and elegant features. 

blackpink jisoo
Jisoo has a pure and innocent beauty. (Image: Elle)
Blackpink jisoo
Plastic surgeons thought highly of Jisoo’s appearance. (Image: Instagram @sooyaaa_)

Experts said that Jisoo is the Korean beauty standard, which explains why both the public and plastic surgeons agree she should take the title “Miss Idol.” 

Blackpink jisoo
Experts recognized Jisoo as “Miss idol”. (Image: Instagram @sooyaaa_)

Cosmetologists added that Jennie had many similar features and aesthetics to the wealthy class of America. A liberal personality, elegance and attractive appearance turn heads wherever she goes. 

In addition, according to doctors, Jennie is capable of conveying different charisma. The female idol has a neutral face, neither too bold nor too gentle. Therefore, fans are not too surprised to see the main rapper go from a cute image to a stronger and cooler one.

jennie vogue
Jennie’s face is a sensation on its own by being capable of taking on various styles. (Image: VOGUE Korea)
blackpink jennie
Jennie is both cute and approachable in everyday life. (Image: Instagram @jennierubyjane)
Blackpink Jennie Jacquemus
When working, she shines with an attractive aura.
blackpink jennie
Jennie has the allure of liberal American girls. (Image: Instagram @jennierubyjane)

As a person of Thai origin, Lisa possesses a different beauty from the Korean standards with a recognizable sharp face. Her big round eyes remind the audience of a doll-like feature.

lisa blackpink thumbnail
Lisa has a distinct Thai beauty. (Image: Instagram @lalalisa_m)
Blackpink Lisa
The female idol is said to be like a Thai doll. (Image: Instagram @lalalisa_m)

The attractive appearance and sunny smile transform her into her best image. Whether feminine, seductive or adorable, Lisa can embody the look with ease. Cosmetologists confirmed that Lisa is the perfect example of Thai beauty.

blackpink lisa
Lisa boasts her cuteness while smiling. (Image: Pinterest)
blackpink lisa
She can also be mysterious and seductive. (Image: Pinterest)

Born in New Zealand and then moved to Australia, Rosé is among the foreign member line of the group. Despite her given title “Australian rose,” cosmetologists believed otherwise. 

blackpink rose vogue
Rosé is known to the public as “Australian rose”. (Image: VOGUE)

Rosé has a light complexion and an elegant face that stands out more with her hair blonde-dyed hair. According to the cosmetologist, instead of an Australian beauty, Rosé feels like an “English rose,” which took the audience by surprise.

Blackpink Rose
Blonde hair accentuates Rosé’s beauty. (Image: Instagram @roses_are_rosie)
blackpink rose Sulwhasoo thumbnail
The female idol is considered to be the “English rose”. (Image: Instagram @roses_are_rosie)

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