Im Si-wan Receives Favorable Reviews For His Pathetic Crying Scene In “Boyhood”

The sad tears of ‘Byeong-tae’ Im Si-wan in the new episode of “Boyhood” touched the hearts of viewers

Episode 6 of Coupang Play’s “Boyhood” showed the character Byeong-tae (Im Si-wan), who pretends to be a strong person at school, eventually facing a crisis as he gets caught lying. 

The true identity of ‘Asan White Tiger’ has been revealed, causing a stir in Buyeo High School. Gyeong-tae (Lee Si-woo) and Seon-hwa (Kang Hye-won) become close and Byeong-tae accidentally sees Seon-hwa and Gyeong-tae kiss.

Standing alone, Byeong-tae holds a photo of Seon-hwa in his hand and sobs. While trying to hold back tears, he starts crying heavily and resenting Seon-hwa, saying “You bad girl, you said you would go out with me”. While crying, he looks at Seon-hwa’s photo again and shouts, “Seon-hwa ah”.

The sounds of him sobbing “woo~” made viewers feel bad for him. It was also the moment in which Im Si-wan’s acting skills shone. The scene of him crying uncontrollably alone by the river proved how sincere the actor was in this project.

Im Si-wan challenged the comedy genre for the first time through “Boyhood”. In order to meet viewers’ expectations, he is showcasing everything he has and improving the completeness of the series. By portraying the diverse feelings of his character, Im Si-wan has made people laugh and cry like riding a roller coaster in various situations.

The 10-episode drama “Boyhood” has gone through half the journey as it already released episode 6. Viewers are curious about whether Byeong-tae will be able to escape the violence that has suppressed him, overcome the painful wounds caused by Seon-hwa, and realize the heart of Ji-young (Lee Sun-bin), who secretly has a crush on him.

Meanwhile, “Boyhood” is a dynamic youth drama about Byeong-tae, a weak boy living in Chungcheong who becomes “Buyeo Iljjang” after transferring to a new school. With unpredictable stories and the actors’ passionate performances, the drama increases viewers’ immersion through every episode.

Compared to the first release week, “Boyhood” viewership soared 934% to No.1 to Coupang Play’s popular drama chart for the third consecutive week and topped Naver’s “most searched drama” list. According to Kinolights ranking, the drama also appeared among popular dramas of 2023.

Source: Insight

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