BewhY unexpectedly reveals his newborn baby 3 months ahead of his discharge 

Rapper BewhY surprises everyone by announcing that he had a daughter while serving in the military.

On January 13th, BewhY posted a photo of him holding his newborn baby on his Instagram with the caption, “2023.1.13 10:01 AM. God, thank you so much for giving me this day in my life.”


The name of BewhY’s child is Siha. BewhY said, “Thank you for giving us Siha, our daughter.”

He expressed his love for his wife and daughter, saying, “Siha’s mother, you worked the hardest for 26 hours. Siha, always look to God. Dad will let you listen to the album first.” 

He continued, “Everyone, I’m living as a father now,” showing his joy about becoming a father.


Upon hearing the news, fellow rappers immediately left congratulatory messages to Bewhy in the comments.

Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko and Choiza said, “Congratulations, Byung Yoon.” Actor and rapper Yang Dong Geun also congratulated BewhY with heart emoticons immediately after the news of his daughter.


BewhY, who made his name widely known by winning “Show Me the Money Season 5”, married his longtime girlfriend in 2020.

BewhY enlisted as a conscripted police officer at the Korea Coast Guard in August last year, and is expected to be discharged on April 22.

Source: Insight. 

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