Choi Si Won poses next to his doppelganger, fans question “Who is the real Si Won?”

Super Junior member Choi Si Won took pictures with the wax figure that resembles him.

On June 11th, Choi Si Won posted several photos on his personal SNS account with the caption, “It was made in 2015, and I finally visited it today, after 8 years. That’s amazing”.

The released photo shows Choi Si Won standing next to his wax figure.


The figure looks so much like Choi Si Won that it is hard to tell them apart. Many fans were surprised to find out that the person wearing a white suit was the real Choi Si Won.

Meanwhile, Super Junior member Choi Si Won has been actively doing various activities around the world, including serving as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for the East Asia-Pacific region and UNICEF’s Next Generation Global Leader.

Choi Si Won recently attended the appointment ceremony of promotional ambassadors for the 50th Anniversary of Korea-Indonesia Diplomatic Relations. In front of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Park Jin, and prominent figures, such as Gandhi Sulistiyanto, the Indonesian Ambassador to South Korea, he received the promotional ambassador appointment letter. This appointment added special meaning to the occasion and once again proved Choi Si Won’s global influence.

Source: Nate

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