“The Glory” Moon Dong Eun’s mother “I went to Cannes before Jeon Do Yeon”…Reveal evidence

Actress Park Ji Ah, who played “Moon Dong Eun’s mother” – the strongest villain of “The Glory”, will appear on “Strong Heart League”.

Park Ji Ah, who makes her first entertainment show appearance since her debut through the May 30th broadcast of SBS’ “Strong Heart League”, shyly greeted viewers. Seeing this, the cast members were confused, saying, “We can’t get used to this side. Which appearance is real?” Park Ji Ah replied, “I prepared it because I was afraid that you wouldn’t recognize me.” She then presented the trademark “Orange wig” of “Dong Eun’s mother” and received enthusiastic responses from everyone.


Park Ji Ah surprised everyone by saying that she did not realize her popularity until she first received an offer to appear on “Strong Heart League”. She raised everyone’s curiosity by saying that she had not seen the part she played for quite a while even after the release of “The Glory“. 


Meanwhile, Park Ji Ah drew attention by making a shocking remark, “I stepped on the Cannes red carpet before Jeon Do Yeon.” Park Ji Ah, who walked on the Cannes red carpet thanks to the movie “Breath” starring actors Chang Chen and Ha Jung Woo, talked about the behind-the-scenes story of the Cannes Film Festival at that time and even revealed “evidence photos. She then honestly shared hurtful anecdotes during her 22-year acting career, gaining deep sympathy from the cast members.

“Strong Heart League” featuring actress Park Ji Ah will air on SBS at 10:20 PM on May 30th.

Source: Daum

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