BABMONSTER’s Ahyeon Praised for Mature Replies to Fans 

As BABYMONSTER’s Ahyeon replied to fans, people can’t help but admire the female idol’s mature mindset and heart-warming heart. 

Recently, on Korean forums such as Instiz and theqoo, topics praising Ahyeon for her mature replies to fans on the fan communication platform Weverse, have been positively discussed. 

In particular, when responding to a fans’ concerns as a student, Ahyeon sincerely empathized with the fans via words such as, “The way you worry and think about your future is wonderful, I’m always by your side, today and tomorrow”, and “You must have studied hard while I practiced as a trainee”. 


When a fan wrote a self-deprecating comment and asked for advice, Ahyeon insisted that it’s not wrong to be imperfect, before adding that the fan is already doing well in their own way. 

Even when replying to jokes such as “I will work hard if Ahyeon replies to me”, the BABYMONSTER’s member impresses with her sincere attitude, saying, “Let me reply to you everyday then”. 


Reading Ahyeon’s mature and tactful reply, netizens couldn’t help but shower the female idol in praise. Below are some comments on Korean forums: 

  • She has a really mature mindset 
  • Despite being an adult, I feel great comfort when reading her words..
  • She is an angel? Her words really touched my heart 
  • Despite her young age, Ahyeon made such mature replies 
  • How can she write such words at such a young age? Is this already her second life or something?
  • It’s not that she’s just professional and mature, but her words seem to be coming from the heart as well..

Source: Instiz, theqoo

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