(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon reveals a terrifying story: “There’s a ghost wearing high heels in the company”

Miyeon sends chills down fans’ spine with her story. 

Recently, Solar (MAMAMOO), YooA (Oh My Girl), Kim Jae Hwan, and Miyeon ((G)I-DLE) guested on the show “Late Night Ghost Talk” to share horror stories that the girls themselves have actually experienced. 

(G)I-DLE Miyeon Late Night Ghost Talk

When it was Miyeon’s turn, she said, “Originally in every entertainment company, there is at least one well-known ghost. This is not my story but Joohyun, a member of LIGHTSUM from our company. She said that she stayed at the practice room until 2-3 am and suddenly heard the sound of high heels somewhere. Out of curiosity, Joohyun got out of the practice room and started looking to see where that sound came from. She then stopped in front of the bathroom door and started opening each toilet one by one.  But no one was inside. Joohyun panicked and ran back to the dorm. She realized that the trainees usually wear sneakers, and the staff always wear office sandals, so it was impossible for the sound of high heels to be heard at that time.”

(G)I-DLE Miyeon Late Night Ghost Talk

Miyeon’s story gives the viewers and other people at the studio the goosebumps. 

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