Kang Mina had a sensitive moment when wearing a deep plunge neckline top during a live music show.

Kang Mina (Gugudan) takes on the role of MC in the weekend music program Music Core.  In the latest broadcast, the female idol had a problem because of her low-cut blazer, accidentally exposing some of her chests on television.  Mina was wearing a blazer with an elegant belt, but due to the deep plunging neckline and no protective shirt inside, she unconsciously was exposed to some of sensitive parts in moments of leaning.

This photo was immediately shared on social media and became a controversial topic.  Most people think Mina made a wrong outfit choice and advised her to be more careful to avoid unfortunate accidents.

In Korea, many female artists got involved in a controversy because of wearing skimpy outfits when performing and attending events.  They often face perverted comments and sexual harassment because of their overly sexy moments.

Kang Mina was born in 1999, became famous when participating in Produce 101 and debuting with I.O.I.  After the group disbanded, she debuted again with Gugudan. Mina is considered as a symbol of Kpop weight loss, having a doll-like appearance. Besides singing, MC, Kang Mina also had acting activities, participating in dramas such as Hotel Del Luna, Children of 20th Century …

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