ASTRO Rocky dates an actress from “Cheer Up”? Solo song narrated by girlfriend + lyrics written by her 

Netizens pointed out various “proofs” that ASTRO Rocky is dating actress Park Bo Yeon from “Cheer Up”. 

ASTRO Rocky is recently suspected of dating actress Park Bo Yeon, who is appearing on the K-drama “Cheer Up”. Last year, they played the main couple in the web-drama “Find Me If You Can”. 

astro rocky park bo yeon dating
The two played the lead couple in the web drama “Find Me If You Can” last year

According to netizens, Park Bo Yeon participated in the lyrics and narration of Rocky’s solo song. In particular, in the song “S#1” in the ASTRO album “Drive to the Starry Road”, the lyrics are credited to Rocky and Seori (서리), and the code for Seori (서리) on the official KOMCA website matches actress Park Bo Yeon. As the code is unique to each person, Park Bo Yeon must have participated in the lyrics, netizens said. 

astro rocky park bo yeon dating
On the website of the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA), Seori and Park Boyeon have the same copyright number 10034329 

In addition, the opening lyrics of this song reads, “The words that came out when I look at you/is filled with happiness” (널 바라보다가 새어 나온 말/참 서리게 행복하잖아). In this part, the word Seori (서리)/서리게, which is an uncommon expression, was used. 

astro rocky park bo yeon dating
The lyrics of ‘S#1’ contains the word Seori which is said to refer to Park Boyeon

Several also paid attention to a woman’s narration around the 2’54s time stamp of “S#1”, which reads, “Now that you are almost gone from my memories, you should meet people others than me” (나 이제 너도 까먹을 거야 나 말고 다른 사람 만나). This is believed to be Park Bo Yeon’s voice. 

The alleged couple also used the same photo of the moon on their SNS. 

According to fans of ASTRO, Park Bo Yeon used to come to the group’s concert, and even attended Rocky’s musical 3 times. It seems that Rocky also sent a coffee truck to the filming site of “Cheer Up” in support of Park Bo Yeon. 

astro rocky park bo yeon dating
The message on the coffee truck reads: “Boyeon-ah, let’s drink coffee ‘full of’ love and fighting!”
The uncommon phrase ‘듬뿍’ was used by Rocky earlier
astro rocky park bo yeon dating
The two have the same phone case
astro rocky park bo yeon dating
Rocky and Seori were credited as the lyricists of the song S#1

As of the moment, Park Bo Yeon’s agency denied the dating rumors and claimed that the couple are “good friends”. However, Rocky’s agency admitted to the relationship. 

Source: Lạc Sâu Bích

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