Amid FIFTY FIFTY’s controversy, another singer faces heavy backlash

As FIFTY FIFTY filed a lawsuit against their agency, some netizens leave malicious comments on another singer’s Instagram. 

Recently, members of girl group FIFTY FIFTY filed a lawsuit against their agency, ATTRAKT, seeking an injunction to suspend their exclusive contract. As a result, controversies arose, with allegations that Ahn Sung Il, CEO of The Givers, was involved behind the scenes. 

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In this context, a past incident involving singer Son Seung Yeon, who filed for an injunction to suspend her exclusive contract against her agency in 2017, has come to light.

Son Seung Yeon signed an exclusive contract with Fortune Entertainment in 2012. However, Fortune Entertainment had a contract with Catch Mop Entertainment in 2011 to entrust the management of their respective artists. In 2017, Son Seung Yeon demanded the termination of her contract, claiming that Fortune Entertainment had proceeded without her consent and failed to fulfill the contractual terms.

At the time, the court rejected Son Seung Yeon’s request for an injunction. The judge stated, “Son Seung Yeon is only unilaterally insisting on a contract termination”, adding, “It is not difficult for the contract to be maintained.”

Son Seung-yeon

Son Seung Yeon’s claims that her agency did not produce albums every year and that she didn’t receive sufficient support for activities were also not accepted.

At the time, Fortune Entertainment stated that they wanted to reach an agreement, requested a conversation with Son Seung Yeon, but was refused. Afterwards, Son Seung Yeon joined The Givers, led by CEO Ahn Sung Il, and has been with them until now.

When it was revealed that CEO Ahn Sung Il was involved during the dispute with Son Seung Yeon amid the FIFTY FIFTY controversy, some enraged netizens started to attack Son Seung Yeon. They left various harsh comments on the singer’s Instagram, saying things such as “Apologize to the fans” and “You should drop out of the musical you are going to appear in.”

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However, some opinions disagreed, claiming that the incidents of FIFTY FIFTY and Son Seung Yeon should be treated separately. 

Earlier on June 19th, four members of FIFTY FIFTY filed for an injunction to suspend their exclusive contract with ATTRAKT, stating, “ATTRAKT violated the contract and caused a breach of trust.” 

At the first trial of the lawsuit, which was held at the Seoul Central District Court on July 5th, both sides engaged in a fierce legal battle.

Source: Wikitree

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