Han Ye Seul returns to the small screen after 4 years…Join the cast of “The Queen Lives in Seoul”

Actress Han Ye Seul will make a splendid comeback to the small screen.

According to SPOTV News on Jan 11th, Han Ye Seul has been cast in the drama “The Queen Lives in Seoul” (tentative title) and is currently coordinating her schedule.

Han Ye Seul will play Nam Da La, a fashion magazine chief reporter who is called a “psycho” in the industry, in “The Queen Lives in Seoul”.

Han Ye-seul

It’s been about 4 years since Han Ye Seul made a drama comeback. Expectations are even higher for this comeback as Han Ye Seul showed a distinct presence with her unique characters, unrivaled visuals and impressive acting skills.

In “The Queen Lives in Seoul”, Han Ye Seul plans to make a different change by portraying the dream and reality of a superwoman in this era who wants to catch both work and family. Han Ye Seul is expected to create a consensus among viewers with her unique charm.

In particular, as she has been showing her own styling with unrivaled fashion sense and costume digestive power, viewers are curious about how Han Ye Seul, who is going to transform into a fashion magazine reporter, will return.

Meanwhile, “The Queen Lives in Seoul” is a new work by Tiger Studio, which plans and co-produces Netflix’s original series “Remarriage & Desires” last year and is currently planning and co-producing MBC’s Friday-Saturday mini-series “Numbers-Building Forest Watchers”.

Source: Nate

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