Aimed to top Billboard, yet a rookie idol was accused of school violence 9 days after debut

A member of a rookie boy group, which debuted 9 days ago, was suspected of school bullying, and his company has spoken up. 

Recently, Myungho, a member of rookie boy group 8TURN was accused of school violence just 9 days after his debut.

On February 7th, MHN Entertainment, the agency of 8TURN, tackled these accusations in a statement which said, “Recently, false facts including malicious slander have been circulating online about Myungho As a result, the reputation of our artist is being damaged.”


The company also added, “We are taking legal action by sending this case to a legal representative. We will hold strict legal responsibility for all acts posted online without clear fact-checking procedures, and we will respond strongly to malicious interpretations and writings beyond just expressing opinions.”

Meanwhile, 8TURN is an 8-member boy group that debuted on January 30th. In an official interview, they revealed their ultimate goal is to “reach the top spot on the Billboard and go to the Grammy Awards.”

“We will prepare and try with all our heart to reach the goal, not just trying”, the group also said. 

Myung Ho 8TURN

On the other hand, a netizen previously published an accusation online, claiming that they had been bullied at school by 8TURN member Myungho.

In particular, the poster, who claimed to be an alumni from Myungho’s high school, wrote that they was verbally abused by Myungho and his friends in 2017 and is still suffering from mental pain.

Later, the writer also released a “fact confirmation letter”, that was presumed to have been written on campus. Said letter detailed the circumstances of a case of verbal abuse on June 15th, 2017.

However, all of these are one-sided claims and details remain unconfirmed. Myungho’s agency also strongly denied the accusation and announced that they will take legal action.

Source: wikitree

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