Han So Hee shows off curvy body and reveals that she gained 10kg for the role in the new action series

Han So Hee has made great efforts to introduce a stronger image to the viewers. 

On October 5, the press conference of Netflix’s upcoming action series My Name starring “Nabi” Han So Hee officially took place. In addition to Han So Hee, other main actors including Park Hee Soon in the role of crime boss Moo Jin, Ahn Bo Hyun as police officer Pil Do were also present.

han so hee my name
han so hee my name
Han So Hee and her co-stars at the press conference of My Name

Han So Hee revealed that she gained 10kg for the role, that’s why she appeared with a more curvy figure at the press conference. Han So Hee said she eats whenever she wants and does a lot of exercises to gain weight without storing excess fat. Actor Park Hee Soon also shared that the actress started working out a month before them and gained a lot of muscle.

In My Name, Han So Hee plays Yoon Ji Woo, a member of an organized crime group that infiltrates the police force to investigate the death of her father. After playing a shy character in Nevertheless, the actress wants to show the audience a stronger image of her by portraying a tough female character. She shared, “I took a lot of action classes because if I didn’t hit properly, I could get hurt. It’s okay if I get hurt, but my co-stars can also get hurt due to my lack of experience. There are a lot of reckless action sequences in the drama.”

My Name | Official trailer | Netflix

My Name will officially come out on Netflix on October 15.

Source: K14

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