After Watching Jung Woo-sung’s New Military Movie, Netizens Criticized Korea’s Official Military Song

The movie “12.12: The Day” surpassed 6 million viewers in nine days.

The military song “Going to the Front,” which was used for the Korean army 40 years ago, became the OST for “12.12: The Day.” While this military song is receiving favorable reviews, netizens turned to criticize the current military song “Army, Our Army” (육군 우리 육군) announced in 2021.

In the video of “Army, Our Army” posted on YouTube two years ago, new comments have been made since the release of “12.12: The Day.” Some of the comments include “The song is good, but the lyrics are terrible,” and “They use too much English.”

12.12-The Day

However, some people defend the song, saying “It was good to hear at the military training center,” “It was addictive,” and “It sounded good to me.” Some critics say that the song is tailored to the changing times and the younger generation. One netizen commented that the song is a military song that the new generation can sing happily while serving in the military.

Criticism of ‘Army, Our Army’ was also raised at the time of the song’s released. The title of the song was originally ‘육군, We 육군’ when it was first released on April 22, 2021, but later changed to ‘육군 우리 윤군’ in May of the same year in response to the criticism of too much English used. Some of the English lyrics have also been partially changed, but some remained.

Source: Daum

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