After Black Pink, Park Bom’s MV was banned because of “walking on the street at midnight”

KBS, why are your reasons for banning the MV so funny?

After 5 years of absence, on March 13, Park Bom has successfully returned with “Spring”. Recently, she announced the next comeback with a full album entitled “Blue Rose” with the “4:44” MV. In particular, after collaborating with Dara in “Spring”, Park Bom continued to collab with another female artist in the song “4:44” – WheeIn (MAMAMOO).

park bom
Park Bom will make a comeback with “4:44”

What makes the fans interested in “4:44” is that KBS will ban the broadcast of the MV for a very unbelievable reason. Specifically, the station said that the MV violating road traffic laws because it contains “negative emotions in the night, walking on the road”. This extremely humorous reason makes the fans burst out laughing and think that the station was too strict in banning the MV.

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Park Bom, next time remember to walk on the pavement and to be sure,… put on a helmet so that KBS can’t say anything!
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Park Bom’s “4:44” MV is listed on the “yellow list” of KBS for violating road traffic laws

BlackPink also has the same situation with Park Bom. The group’s “Kill This Love” music video is also banned for reasons of Rosé… driving too fast. It seems that Kpop artists need to pay more attention to the upcoming music videos and obey the laws because KBS is quite strict in this.

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“Kill This Love” music video was also banned by KBS for the same reason

Sources: k14

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