Kim Yu-na ♥ Ko Woo-rim, first meeting in May 2018… This day was the start of their relationship

With Kim Yu-na announcing her marriage, her first meeting with the singer Ko Woo-rim is drawing attention.

Former figure skater Kim Yu-na’s agency ‘All That Sports’ released an official announcement on July 25th, saying “Kim Yu-na will hold her wedding with singer Ko Woo-rim somewhere in Seoul this October”.

According to All That Sports, the two met each other for the first time at the All That Skate ice show in 2018 and then announced their marriage after three years of dating.

All That Skate ice show, the starting point of the two’s romantic relationship, was the first summer ice show held by All That Sports under the name “All That Skate Summer” in 2010. Several figure skaters, including Kim Yu-na, appeared at the Gala program through this event every year. 

On May 20th, 2018, the All That Skate ice show was held at Mokdong Ice Rink in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul. It was the first time in four years since her retirement that Kim Yu-na showed up again on the ice rink. 

Ko Woo-rim’s group Forestella, a male crossover group, presented a celebratory performance during the opening stage for the second part of the event. Forestella consists of Seoul National University’s graduates: tenor Cho Min-kyu, bass Ko Woo-rim, musical actor Bae Doo-hoon and chemistry researcher Kang Hyung-ho.

The group name is created by combining the English word “forest” with the Italian word “stella”, and it means “star floating over the forest”. The group appeared on several broadcasts, such as “Immortal Songs” and “Phantom Singer 2”, and boasted a fantastic harmony to the extent that they were nicknamed “Monster Vocal Group”. 

On the same day, Ko Woo-rim’s agency Beat Interactive also officially acknowledged the marriage between Kim Yu-na and Ko Woo-rim, saying, “The wedding will be held privately with the attendance of close relatives and acquaintances.”

According to Dispatch, the two will hold a wedding ceremony at the Shilla Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on October 22nd.

Born in 1990, Kim Yu-na is a former world-renowned figure skater who retired after the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Since then, she has continued her activities in various fields.

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