From Taeyeon to Sullyoon, Idols Distressed by Fans’ Actions: Hidden Cameras, Verbal Abuse, and Violence

Following sasaengs’ privacy invasion to verbal abuse, and now even violence, idols are experiencing wounds due to their own fans 

Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon suffered severe emotional distress from a fan’s violent behavior at a recent fan signing event for her new album, “To. X.” 

On December 8th, during a fan signing event, a male fan yelled and acted violently towards Taeyeon in front of everyone. Taeyeon tried to console her fans after the incident was resolved, but she couldn’t hide the emotional scars.

After concluding the fan signing event, Taeyeon said through the messaging app Bubble, “It’s not just about being startled earlier. I worked really hard on this album… It’s hard to forget that someone threw the album in front of me. Those who came today, you must have been shocked, so be careful going home. I’m upset.” 

During the fan signing event, a male fan demanded Taeyeon’s phone number when it was his turn. The man threw Taeyeon’s album and created chaos, ultimately being restrained by security. Taeyeon, along with the fans present, was visibly upset and emotionally hurt.

This incident is not the only time Taeyeon has been harmed by fans. In 2011, while performing on stage at an amusement park in Seoul, she was dragged away by a man. Although the situation was resolved by security guards, it was a shocking experience for Taeyeon and other Girls’ Generation members.


Taeyeon is not the only female idol facing such situations. Many idols have suffered from unacceptable actions by fans. In April, at a fan signing event for NMIXX, Sullyoon teared up after being verbally abused by a male fan. The man berated Sullyoon for not paying attention to his camera, and later apologized, acknowledging his selfish behavior.

In 2017, GFriend’s Yerin discovered a fan wearing glasses with a tiny camera at a fan signing event. Yerin asked the male fan to remove the glasses, revealing a hidden camera attached. She reported the incident to the manager. 

Not only at fan signing events but also in various situations, idols have repeatedly expressed their grievances against sasaengs. Incidents such as home invasion, stalking, unauthorized access to personal information.

Source: daum

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