Jung Hae-in Challenges First Rom-com By ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’ Writer & Director

Actor Jung Hae-in will make a comeback with a romcom drama

Recently, Jung Hae-in was revealed to have been cast in tvN’s new drama “Mom’s Friend’s Son”. This is a romantic comedy about a woman who tries to reboot her life full of failures and the “mom’s friend’s son” who is the living history of her dark past.

Filming is planned to start next year with the goal of airing the drama in the second half of 2024.

tvN’s new drama “Mom’s Friend’s Son” drew attention from its production stage as it marks the reunion of director Yoo Je-won and writer Shin Ha-eun after the success of “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”. As writer Shin Ha-eun, who is famous for immersive scripts, and director Yoo Jae-won, who owns a unique directing power, join hands again, the romantic comedy genre is expected to achieve a new milestone in 2024.

In this drama, Jung Hae-in will play Choi Seung-hyo, the “mom’s friend’s son” of Bae Seok-ryu. This character is the most notable young architect in the Korean architecture world and the CEO of the architectural atelier IN. Known for his amazing skills as well as outstanding appearance and perfect personality, Choi Seung-hyo is considered an ideal ‘mom’s friend’s son’. However, the only dark history in his flawless life is Bae Seok-ryu.

As the two people who met at the women’s bathhouse as friends sharing banana milk at the age of 4 reunite, viewers are curious about what will happen between them.

Marking his 10th debut anniversary this year, Jung Hae-in has had a busy 2023. After successfully completing Season 2 of Netflix’s original series “D.P.”, the actor once again proved his potential by making a special appearance in the movie “12.12: The Day”. He also held a fanmeeting in 12 cities, including Seoul. 

As such, he will stand in front of the public in a new way in 2024. Jung Hae-in will appear in the movie “Veteran 2” as a villain and challenge his first romcom through “Mom’s Friend’s Son”. Attention is focused on the new images that Jung Hae-in will present in his upcoming projects.

Source: Daum

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