Shocking fact about the woman who extorted money by threatening Lee Sun-kyun

A video titled “Blackmailer Park So-jung, who uses her brain to the end…” was uploaded to the YouTube channel “Caracula Crime Lab” on Jan 3rd.

Caracula released an interview video with A’s older sister.

In the video, A’s older sister said, “Out of the 300 million won that my sister received from Lee Sun-kyun, she already spent 100 million won on lawyer fees. Another 100 million won was spent for other reasons, and currently, only the remaining 100 million won was seized by the police.”


When Caracula asked “Did A conspire or assist blackmailer B in the crime?“, A’s older sister replied, “Not at all. My sister has a mind that would never think of trying to extort 300 million won from Lee Sun-kyun. At first, B demanded 200 million won, then 300 million won. The amount gradually increased.

She continued, “My sister thought B wouldn’t stop even if she gave money, so she didn’t give money. B deliberately approached my sister and continuously extorted money.”

Source: Wikitree

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