aespa’s NingNing Stuns at Fashion Week Debut, Pulling Off Various Styles 

NingNing from aespa left a lasting impression during her first appearance at fashion week.

After being named Versace’s global ambassador, aespa’s NingNing recently made her first appearance at the brand’s show at Milan Fashion Week. Despite it being her first fashion week, NingNing left a lasting impression with her remarkable presence and versatile styles.

aespa NingNing

At the airport departing for the show, NingNing captured fans’ hearts with a princess-like look in a pink sweater and skirt outfit. She added a touch of sweetness with her double low ponytails with lovely bows.

aespa NingNing

At the fitting before the show, NingNing created a stir with her youthful style, wearing a striped top paired with jeans. Her radiant and fresh appearance caught everyone’s attention.

aespa NingNing

Shortly after, NingNing gracefully showcased her fair skin and refreshing, feminine visuals in a pink outfit.

aespa NingNing

The highlight was her appearance at the Versace show, stunning in a tight-fitted dress, accentuating her alluring, petite figure. Her straight, sleek hair and makeup style emphasizing red lips drew attention. Her confident aura and posing skills garnered much praise.

aespa NingNing

NingNing later wowed with the perfect “party girl” vibe in a glittering outfit, flaunting her slender waist at the after party. The idol exuded an intoxicating charm in every moment.

aespa NingNing

Returning to Korea after fashion week, NingNing turned heads at the airport with a stylish all-black outfit. This trip solidified NingNing’s perfect fit for the title of Versace’s global ambassador.

Netizens left comments:

  • NingNing’s visuals are on the rise. She looks stunning in every style!
  • She’s like the princess of Versace, so elegant.
  • She’s so beautiful, and she really rocks Versace’s clothes.
  • She looks amazing in every style, whether it’s elegant or cute.

Source: K14

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