“Pachinko” actress Kim Min-ha reveals her unexpected charm, “I like Crayon Shin Chan”

An interview video of actress Kim Min-ha for “Off The Grid VIEW” will be released on the official SNS of Discovery Channel Korea.

Discovery Channel Korea will release “Off The Grid VIEW”, which features an interview with actress Kim Min-ha, on November 2nd, a day before the first broadcast of “Off The Grid Kim Min-ha” is aired. The interview video will introduce Kim Min-ha’s “Off The Grid” behind-the-scenes stories and her thoughts on how she has spent 2022.

Kim Min-ha recently won Beyond Cinema Award and Rising Star Award for her role as Sunja in the drama “Pachinko”. When asked to give an acceptance speech, Kim Min-ha smiles shyly and says, “I’m just so thankful for everything. This is only the beginning and I have to do better. I think the viewers really like me as I am, with my own image, so I’ve decided that I would never lose that appearance”.

Kim Min-ha

When asked about the kinds of works or characters she wants to try as an actor, Kim Min-ha mentions animation voice acting. The actress smiles and says, “I’ve dreamed of becoming a voice actress since I was young. I used to copy the voice of the main character Belle and the kettle lady in ‘Beauty and the Beast’”. She adds, “I want to do a dreamy fantasy work”.

Kim Min Ha

For Kim Min-ha, 2022 would be remembered as a special and meaningful year. She was named in the A100 list, which focuses on Asian and Pacific people who have had the greatest influences on international culture over the past year, with her first leading role in “Pachinko”. The actress is also working hard to improve herself every day. Then, what 2022 means to Kim Min-ha?

I think I’ve done a lot of things that I had never experienced before”, she says with an excited expression. Kim Min-ha continues, “Every day feels so amazing. And many interesting will continue to happen in the future. Things that I do and do not expect will happen, so I just want to live according to the flow”, showing her straightforward, confident and calm side.

Kim Min-ha

Kim Min-ha then shows her serious appearance when it comes to postcard decoration. She picks “Crayon Shin Chan” as her favorite animated series then draws the dinosaur character in that work without hesitation and gives it the name “Ryongryongie”.

Selecting donuts as her most memorable food in “Off The Grid”, the actress says, “I remember the bread I ate at an old bakery that I happened to find in Tongyeong”. While choosing stickers, she suddenly confesses, “I really like raw donuts”, making everyone laugh. 

“Off The Grid – Kim Min-ha episode” will air exclusively on Discovery Channel at 10:30 p.m on the 3rd and 10th of November.

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