aespa Winter boasted her pure look in a white knitted sweater with Elsa hairstyle

aespa Winter showed off her pure crystal-like beauty with beautifully braided hair.

aespa winter

On November 15th, Kakao Games released a behind-the-scenes video of an advertisement shoot on their official Youtube channel. The video showed aespa filming an advertisement for Kakao Games’s PC Online Game “Eternal Return”.

Appearing in an all-black look, aespa members drew attention with their charismatic eyes, giving off poses that made them look like female warriors in the game.

Starting with Karina, each member’s individual shots were unveiled. Especially, Winter caught the eyes of netizens. Winter, who recently promoted aespa’s comeback song “Savage” with short hair, was seen in a long hairstyle after a long time.

aespa winter

Winter appeared in a knit dress with a hairstyle that looks like Elsa’s in the movie “Frozen” and boasted her fresh look with unique facial features.

The combination of her white outfit and her clear and beautiful skin created the best effect to show Winter’s stunning visual. Especially, Winter’s long eyelashes, deer eyes, and perfect V-line face shone even more in the close-up shots.

aespa winter

Fans gave enthusiastic responses, such as, “Winter has found the hairstyle that suits her best”, “She looks pretty no matter what concepts she tries”, “Winter is the prettiest idol of this era”

Meanwhile, aespa successfully completed the first offline performance since their debut at the ‘2021 World KPOP Concert’ on November 14th.

aespa winter

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