Mysterious girl at Jessica’s birthday party is BLACKPINK Jennie?

Jennie once dated Kai (EXO) for a short time.  And Kai is the ex-lover of Krystal – Jessica’s biological sister. Therefore, many people are very surprised about the relationship between the two female idols. 

Jessica just posted a birthday vlog on her personal YouTube channel a few hours ago. Many friends and family congratulated her and attended her birthday celebration. And specially, netizens point out that, BLACKPINK Jennie also attended the former SNSD member’s birthday party. 

Although not showing her face, Jennie revealed herself through her famous chubby cheeks, fingers, forehead and familiar hairline.  In particular, the “ice princess” called the mysterious person with the nickname “Nini”, so people were more certain that it was Jennie.  Although this is not the first time Jessica and Jennie have been caught “dating” together, people are still amazed at the relationship of the two female idols.  Jennie used to date Kai (EXO), and Kai is ex-boyfriend of Krystal.

Jennie Jessica
Jennie Jessica
Jennie Jessica
Jennie gave Jessica a huge rose cake…
Jennie Jessica
…and a necklace
Jennie (BLACKPINK) was stalked by Dispatch
Jennie used to date Kai,…
couples by dispatch 15
… but Kai is Krystal’s ex.  Even so, Jessica is still extremely close to Jennie

Before that, in August of last year, through pictures on social networks, netizens discovered that Jessica and Jennie went out to eat with a friend.  

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Besides, the “YG princess” also wears clothes from the former SNSD member’s own fashion brand many times.  Despite everything, the special friendship of Jessica – Jennie still makes many fans excited.  Both are top Kpop idols and famous fashion icons.

Jennie jessica
Jennie jessica
Jennie jessica

Source: YouTube

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